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Socio-Economic Profile
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Socio-Economic Profile

This section shows thematic maps on socio-economic profile of India. These include demographics, population, poverty level, literacy rate, education system, health profile, labor force. The information comes primarily from Census of India (2001), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation and National Health Profile (2006). The specific details for each of the thematic issue are depicted on the interactive map page under the head about the map.

The section comprises of thematic maps on:


  • Total Population
  • Growth Rate
  • Literacy Rate
  • Main Workers
  • Marginal Workers
  • Population of SC
  • Population of ST
  • Urban Population
  • Sex Ratio
  • Projected Population 2005-2009
  • Projected Population 2010-2016
  • Urban Settlements

  • Urban Slum Population
  • City Town Reporting Slum
  • SC Population in Urban Areas
  • ST Population in Urban Areas
  • SC Population in Slum Area
  • ST Population in Slum Areas
  • Quality of Health

  • Population Below Poverty Line
  • Life Expectancy at Birth
  • Livestock Population
  • Infant Mortality Rates
  • State/UT wise cases of Malaria
  • State/UT wise cases of Chikungunya
  • State/UT wise cases of Dengu
  • State/UT wise Number Of Govt. Hospitals

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