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About the Atlas

    The purpose of this Atlas is to:

  • Allow users to visualise dynamic thematic maps of India on green, blue and brown environment issues
  • Meet the educational and research goals of all users
  • Provide easy and convenient access to geo-spatial data
  • Provide information in the Pressure – State – Impact – Response (PSIR) framework
  • Regularly provide the public, government, non-government organisations and decision makers with accurate, timely and accessible information

Key Contributors

  • Mr. Sudhir Mital, Joint Secretary, MoEF
  • Dr. S.P.Sharma, Advisor, MoEF
  • Mr. Nilkanth Ghosh, statistical advisor
  • Mr. George C Varughese, President, Development Alternatives (DA)
  • Mr. Anand Kumar, Project Coordinator, DA
  • Mr. Avanindra Kumar, Remote Sensing and GIS Specialist, DA
  • Mr. Devendra Giri Goswami, Senior GIS Analyst, DA
  • Mr. Kalyan Dutt, IT Advisor, DAINET
  • Mr. Pankaj Sharma, System and web Analyst
  • Mr. Aditya Vashishat, Software Engineer, DAINET
  • Mr. Yogesh Kumar, Software Engineer, DAINET 

  • Funding

    The project is funded by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India.

    Other Project Credits

    Web design, Development and Deployment: DAINET

    Development of Interactive Maps by Geomatics Facility, Development Alternatives.

    For detailed information on the project, go to SoE Atlas India

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